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Weather info center METEOTIME FIESTA 35.1130


  • 4-day professional weather forecast via radio-controlled clock signal
  • For 90 weather regions in Europe
  • Text display in case of severe weather warnings
  • Display of outdoor temperature via transmitters (max. 3)
  • Radio-controlled clock with date and different alarm times

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Product specification

The "METEOTIME FIESTA" Weather Info Center provides you with a professional weather forecast for the current day and the next three days.
The weather forecasts are prepared by meteorologists and broadcasted via the DCF77 time signal in Germany and they can be received almost everywhere in Europe.
The reception area is divided into 90 meteorological regions in total: 60 regions with 4-day forecast, 30 regions with 2-day forecast.
Simply select the desired region and the current weather forecast is shown on the display. In addition, you will receive other useful weather information such as highest and lowest values for temperature and humidity, trend indicators, severe weather warnings as text displayed in 7 languages, or the probability of rain, snow and hail.
This way, you always have a quick overview of the weather over the next few days. The updates are made several times a day.
A separate wireless transmitter determines the outdoor temperature and humidity at its location; an internal sensor measures the indoor temperature. The current time and date are also received via the DCF77 radio signal.
Different alarm times for weekdays and weekends always get you out of bed at right time. Coupled with outdoor temperature readings, the "METEOTIME FIESTA" offers the possibility of an automatic early waking-up if there is a risk of frost, so you can have time to remove the ice from the windscreen and for a slow drive to work.
Two more transmitters for temperature can be connected, thus allowing the monitoring of other rooms, e.g. in the nursery, bedroom, cellar or garage.


  • Weather forecast via DCF77 signal made by professional meteorologists for 470 cities (90 weather regions) in Europe, 60 regions with 4-day forecast (today + 3 days), 30 regions with 2-day forecast
  • Separated into day and night, indication of max. and min. values
  • Text display for severe weather warnings in 7 languages
  • Rain/snow/hail probability, wind speed and direction
  • Wireless transmission of outdoor temperature via up to 3 transmitters (max. 30 m)
  • Indication of indoor temperature
  • Max.- min. function, trend indicators
  • Radio-controlled clock with date and different alarm functions (workday, weekend, earlier alarm for risk of frost)

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Technical data

Measuring range temperature outdoor -40...+70°C
Delivery contents Base station, temperature transmitter, batteries, instruction manual
Maximum range 30 m
Maximum amount of transmitters 3
Transmitter included in delivery 30.3185
Transmitter optional 30.3245.02
Transmission frequency 433 MHz
Measuring range temperature indoor -10...+60°C
Clock Radio-controlled clock
Material Plastic
Assembling Wall mounting or freestanding
Power consumption Batteries
Batteries 2 x AA 1.5 V (base station), 2 x AAA 1.5 V (transmitter)
Batteries included yes
Dimensions (L) 102 x (B) 28 (52) x (H) 117 mm
Weight 156 g

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