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Temperature transmitter 30.3146


  • Dual channel transmitter for outdoor temperature
  • Also for temperature monitoring in remote rooms
  • Update: every 4 seconds
  • Sensor caple can be connected (optionally available)

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Product specification

Temperature transmitter for devices 30.3009.IT, 30.3018.IT, 30.3022.IT, 30.3032.IT, 30.3050.54.IT, 35.1026.IT, 35.1044.IT, 35.1048.IT, 35.1064.IT, 35.1068.IT, 35.1070.IT, 35.1076.IT

Technical data

Delivery contents Temperature transmitter, batteries, instruction manual
Measuring range temperature outdoor T out: -39,9...+59,9°C (-39,8...+139,8°F)
Maximum range 100 m
Transmission frequency 868 MHz
Material Plastic
Assembling Wall mounting or freestanding
Power consumption Batteries
Batteries 2 x AAA 1.5 V
Batteries included Yes
Dimensions (L) 41 (83) x (B) 23 (61) x (H) 129 (135) mm
Weight 50 g

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