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Radio-controlled projection alarm clock with analogue display 60.5012


  • Digital projection of the time onto a wall or ceiling
  • Analogue alarm clock with fluorescent hands
  • High-precision, radio-controlled clock
  • Alarm with snooze function
  • Backlight

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Product specification

Do you wake up at night every now and then wondering what time is it?
Save yourself the tedious search for the right button on your alarm clock.
The TFA radio-controlled clock projects the current time on your bedroom wall or ceiling in clear, red digital numbers.
Thanks to the rotating projector, you can adjust the display to your ideal viewing angle.
In addition to this practical special function, the device also meets all the requirements for an analogue radio-controlled alarm clock. They are reliable and get you up on time, but they can also allow you a few extra minutes of sleep thanks to the snooze function.


  • Highest precision radio-controlled clock
  • Digital projection of the current time (DCF) onto a wall or ceiling
  • Analogue Display
  • Alarm with snooze function
  • Backlight
  • Fluorescent hands

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Technical data

Delivery contents Radio-controlled projection alarm clock, power adapter, instruction manual
Clock Radio-controlled clock
Material Plastic
Assembling Free-standing
Power consumption Battery, power adapter
Batteries 2 x AAA 1.5 V
Batteries included no
Dimensions (L) 115 x (B) 53 x (H) 83 mm
Weight 129 g

Sound exampel

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