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PC Thermometer USB-TEMP 31.1026


  • Made in Germany
  • Temperature sensor for connection to a PC
  • USB interface and software
  • Event alarm function

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Product specification

With the USB-TEMP from TFA, you can monitor the room temperature directly on your PC.
The supplied CD-ROM allows you to install the required program on your computer. Then just connect the sensor via the USB interface – you will always have the current temperature in your living and working areas in view.
The USB-TEMP can be controlled and read out via the Windows software. If the measured temperature exceeds or falls below a certain value, different actions such as an acoustic alarm or an automatic email transmission can be initiated. The measured values can be exported, for example, in the form of an Excel file.
The product is entirely manufactured in Germany.


  • Temperature sensor for connecting to a PC via the USB port
  • Sensor in black aluminium housing
  • Tolerance ±0.5°C (can be calibrated), resolution better than 0.01°C
  • Very easy installation with CD-ROM/ just connect the thermometer with USB interface
  • File export (for Excel...)
  • Programming interface (DLL and ActiveX) for integrating own applications
  • Made in Germany

TFA Quality mark:

  • Made in Germany

Product information for download:

Technical data

Delivery contents PC thermometer, CD-ROM, USB, instruction manual
Cable length ca. 200 cm
Measuring range temperature -20...+80°C
Material Plastic
Dimensions (L) 25 x (B) 38 x (H) 16 mm
Weight 69 g

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