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Distance laser measuring device 31.3301


  • Professional instrument for the measurement of distances
  • Calculation of areas and volumes
  • Distances measurement of difficult to access areas
  • Memory function for 20 values
  • Backlight

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Product specification

Measuring space and surfaces is child's play with this useful device.
Whether for new construction or renovation work, with this professional laser distance meter from TFA, you can determine distances up to 40 meters with millimetre precision. Even hard to reach points are measurable.
In addition to distances, the device can also calculate areas and volumes and add or subtract the measured values.
For indirect measurements, the device has an angle function (Pythagoras). It is also suitable for continuous measurements and has a tripod connector for this purpose. It can show highest and lowest values.
After use, the device saves the measured values and then switches off automatically.


  • High precision professional instrument for the measurement of distances, calculation of areas and volumes, addition and subtraction
  • Indirect distances measurement of areas difficult to access, like roof edges
  • Memory function for 20 values
  • Tracking
  • Minimum and maximum
  • Backlight
  • With tripod connector
  • Belt pouch included..

Product information for download:

Technical data

Measuring range 0,05...40 meters
Delivery contents Laser distance meter, belt pouch, instruction manual
Material Plastic
Power consumption Batteries
Batteries included no
Batteries 2 x AAA 1.5 V
Dimensions (L) 55 x (B) 28 x (H) 114 mm
Weight 94 g

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