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Digital thermo-hygrometer TERRACHECK 30.5044


  • Cable sensor for temperature and humidity
  • Ideal for climate control in terrariums, etc.
  • Additional display of room temperature
  • Max.-min. values
  • Easy mounting with suction cups

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Product specification

Reptiles and amphibians cannot regulate their body temperature themselves – they depend on the climatic conditions that you provide them in the terrarium. Therefore, climate control is fundamentaly important when keeping terrarium animals.
The TERRACHECK from TFA Dostmann is there so that you can guarantee the best possible conditions for your pets.
The digital thermo-hygrometer measures temperature and humidity via two separate cable sensors and these can be easily attached to your terrarium glass with the suction cups provided. It’s just as easy to remove the device for cleaning.
You always have the current measured values in view on the easy-to-read display and the highest and lowest values are also shown. In addition to the climate in the terrarium, you can also see the temperature at the device’s installation site. This way, you can simultaneously ensure a pleasant climate in your living space.


  • Measuring of temperature and humidity via two cable sensors (circa 1 m)
  • Ideal for the climate monitoring of a terrarium etc.
  • Indoor temperature
  • Max.-min. values
  • With clip, stand and suction cups for attaching the cable sensors

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Technical data

Measuring range temperature cable sensor -50...+70°C (-58...+158°F)
Measuring range humidity 20...99% rH
Delivery contents Digital thermo-hygrometer, suction cups, instruction manual
Measuring range temperature indoor -10...+50°C (+14...+122°F)
Cable length ca. 100 cm
Material Plastic
Assembling Mounting with suction cups or free-standing
Power consumption Batteries
Batteries 1 x AAA 1.5 V
Batteries included no
Dimensions (L) 64 x (B) 24 x (H) 64 mm
Weight 60 g

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