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Digital thermo-hygrometer SCHIMMEL RADAR (MOULD RADAR) 30.5032


  • Innovative 24-hour radar display detects risk of mould
  • Display of maxi. and min. values and dew point
  • Visual and acoustic warning signal
  • Smiley as a comfort level indicator
  • With touch buttons, fast and accurate measurement

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Product specification

Showering, cooking, drying clothes: with these activities, people continuously release water vapor in the air. If there’s not enough air exchange – a problem of many modern, well-insulated houses – the room air can quickly become very damp and there’s a risk of mould growth.
With MOLD RADAR, this annoying roommate gets no chance, since only a permanently high humidity of over 65% can cause the dreaded fungus on walls and in cupboards.
The innovative graphic of the thermo-hygrometer shows the measured humidity values of the last 24 hours in an extremely clear way, like on a radar screen. In addition, the device has visual and acoustic signals. The risk of mold can be detected at a glance and avoided with targeted heating and ventilation. If a smiley icon appears, the values are ideal.
As an additional indicator,the device displays the dew point – which is the temperature at which the air begins to condense and water droplets form at colder places – which is the precursor of mould.
The MOLD RADAR uses very precise and extremely responsive sensors to determine temperature and humidity. Thus, the device displays readings as accurate as possible.


  • 24-hour radar detects risk of mould
  • Innovative graphic shows humidity values like on a radar screen
  • Temperature, comfort-level zone, max.-min. function, dew point
  • Acoustic and visual alarm function
  • Touch buttons
  • With detachable stand
  • Registered TFA design

TFA Quality mark:

  • Humidity Precision Sensor
  • Registered TFA Design Patent

Product information for download:

Technical data

Delivery contents Thermo-hygrometer, batteries, instruction manual
Measuring range humidity 10…99% rH
Measuring range temperature -10…+60°C (+14…+140°F)
Material Plastic
Assembling Wall mounting or freestanding
Power consumption Batteries
Batteries 2 x AAA 1.5 V
Batteries included yes
Dimensions (L) 98 x (B) 23 (50) x (H) 98 (111) mm
Weight 87 g

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