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What is the TFA Wiki?

We use a lot of products every day to handle our everyday tasks easily and comfortably. Before we decide to buy a new tool, we’ll look at the features and attributes. We often stumble over terms that we do not yet know.
In the TFA Wiki we explain the most important terms that you encounter when using our products.

Every day, we rely on many different devices, instruments, tools and gadgets to help us with our day-to-day tasks, as well as to make our lives easier and more comfortable. Before we decide to buy a new product, we tend to look at its functions and special features and more often than not, we stumble upon specialised or technical terms not yet known to us. Panic strikes.
Fear not. We’re here to the rescue.
In the TFA Wiki, we explain the most important terms you’re likely to find when using our products.

How to use the TFA Wiki

Simply select a letter in the top bar and jump to the corresponding term. Alternatively you can use our search.

At the top 0-9/A-Z bar, simply select the first letter of the word you’re looking for to jump into the corresponding term. Alternatively, you can type in the word in our search box.