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The key question is: How to masterfully barbecue or roast?

Get ready for it! We will now tell you a well-kept secret of professional chefs: how to always get your meat cooked to perfection: Monitor the core temperature! Because the correct temperature determines whether your beef fillet is a gourmet experience or more like a test for the muscles in your mouth!

To know the exact time of serving your BBQ, a barbecue & roast thermometer or a probe thermometer can help. So even inexperienced barbecuers will do great. Guaranteed!

Küchen Chef von TFA

Everything is under control with a barbecue-roast thermometer

Barbecue-roast thermometers have the advantage that they remain stuck in the meat throughout cooking and nothing can go wrong really. Simply place the rump steaks on the grid and set at 56 °C for medium doneness. When the core temperature is reached and the meat inside is soft pink, the alarm sounds. With an analogue thermometer, you have to monitor the cooking yourself – a reason why they are cheaper and don’t need battery.

From wireless to smart technology

Some barbecue-roast thermometers models come with pre-programmed optimum core temperatures for different types of meat and cooking stages. Of course, you can also set individual temperature specifications of your favourite recipes.

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Especially convenient to use are models with radio transmission: With the wireless receiver, you remain mobile and can quite calmly welcome your guests, as long as the roast is still in the oven or the meat is on the barbecue. If you want to cook two pieces of meat at the same time, you will love the “KÜCHEN CHEF TWIN“! Equipped with two probes, you can keep an eye on both core temperatures or monitor the oven temperature.


You can easily share your barbecue and roast photos with friends using “THERMOWIRE”. The probe thermometer has a heat-resistant cable and measures the exact core temperature. The smartphone app makes effortless cooking even easier: with the alarm function, you will know straightaway when the meat is ready-to-serve, so there’s no risk of overcooking.

Einstichthermometer für Smartphones

With the photo function and the share button, you can share photos of your masterpiece on social networks. This probe thermometer for smartphones is so small that it fits easily into your pocket.

Pulled Pork Burger

Two in one with the oven thermometer

Some dishes and cooking methods can only succeed if the temperature in the cooking chamber is controlled, in addition to the meat core temperature. For example, pulled pork – considered by many a synonym of supreme discipline when it comes to BBQ – the temperature in the smoker must be kept constant at 100-110 °C for many hours.

Low-temperature cooking method requires a constant oven temperature of 80 degrees. This is how aromas and juices are preserved.

There are combined thermometers with an additional sensor for the cooking chamber. An alarm sounds when the temperature is outside the set temperature range. Usually, this is measured using an analogue oven thermometer made of heat-resistant metal.

A multitasking talent: the probe thermometer

The probe thermometer is the all-rounder in the kitchen and also suitable for the measurement of the core temperature in selective food and drink. Simply insert the probe into of thickest part of the food or in the centre if the food is even in thickness.

Different foodstuffs can be measured quickly, accurately and effortlessly with this handy thermometer. Is the beer cold enough to be enjoyed with friends? This is also quickly checked with a probe thermometer. Cheers!

Anwendung Thermo Jack Pro Anwendung Thermo Jack Pro Einstichthermometer

The most important tool: the cooking chart

Rare – medium – well done – on this chart, you can check the correct core temperature for your favourite types of meat/fish, including the levels of doneness, as recommended by Germany’s most famous BBQ expert, Frank Huhnke.

Cooking Chart Huhnke

Dream couple: sous-vide cooking and barbecue

It’s summertime and you invite family and friends to a big barbecue party in your garden. As always, the guests come in gradually. The barbecue is on, and what do you do now? You put a lot on the BBQ grill, so no one has to wait for too long, but that juicy steak will soon be tough as leather!

Traumpaar Sous-Vide und Grillen

Werden Sie mit der Sous-Vide Garmethode zum Grillkönig und feiern Sie ganz entspannt.

  1. In this cooking method, pieces of meat are sealed in vacuum bags (in portions) before they are cooked in a warm water bath. Ask your butcher whether he can vacuum pack the meat for you. Depending on your taste, herbs and spices can be added to the meat, or you can season it before serving.
  2. Steaks are simply pre-cooked and can stay in the warm water bath until you want to barbecue them. The exact core temperature is maintained in this way, because the following applies: The water temperature is the same as the meat core temperature. An unbeatable advantage for parties: Nothing burns; everything is cooked perfectly at any time with a 100% guarantee of success.
  3. Finally, place the meat on the barbecue grill for a moment, just to get the delicious brown crust and BBQ flavours – and it’s done!
Sousmatic von TFA

The translation of the term clarifies the method already: The word “sous” means “under”; vide is the French for “vacuum”. Don’t let yourself be put off by the term; be tempted instead!

It has never been so easy to bring the haute cuisine (high-class cooking) to your home! The compact Sous-vide device is intuitive to use and can be mounted in almost any cooking pot or food container. The low-cooking temperatures preserve the aromas and nutrients. Naturally, Sous-vide doesn’t work with barbecues only. To find out more about the Sous-Vide cooking method, click on the Sousmastic picture, et voilà!