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KlimaLogg Pro – Frequently asked questions

Please note that the transmitters can only be found for 3 hours from the time you insert the batteries. If necessary, please restart the transmitters shortly before activating the manual transmitter search (learn-mode).

Whenever the entire memory is read out instead of reading only the latest data records, an incorrect operation has takes place. Please note regarding the PC connection that a distinction has to be made between “synchronizing” and “contacting”.

“Synchronize” = identify /synchronize hardware (required once)
“Contact” = make radio contact to transfer new data.
A comprehensive description of the PC connection can also be found in the instruction manual, pages 19/20.

Our PC software has no printing function. However, the software offers a different export function in order to be able to evaluate, process or also print the data with own software (for example MS-Excel, OpenOffice Calc, etc.).

  • Timestamp = date and time of the respective data record
  • TI = temperature indoor = temperature inside (temperature value of the base station unit)
  • RHI = relative humidity indoor = indoor relative humidity (air humidity value of the base station unit)
  • DEWI = dew point indoor = dew point indoor (dew point value of the base station unit)
  • T1 = temperature channel 1 = temperature of transmitter on channel 1
  • RH1 = relative humidity channel 1 = relative humidity of transmitter on channel 1
  • DEW1 = dewpoint channel 1 = dew point of transmitter on channel 1

This is only possible via the PC software. In the software, select the tab for the desired channel (assigned to the transmitter) and then choose the button “Edit sensor settings…”

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