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Weather Ball


  • Based on a concept from J. W. von Goethe
  • Based on fundamental scientific principles
  • Barometer for local weather forecast
  • Sleek design made of glass
  • Filling in different colours

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Product specification

Made according to a concept from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
The TFA glass weather ball displays fast and precise air pressure changes. With increasing air pressure (good weather), the water level in the spout falls; with decreasing air pressure (bad weather), it rises.
The barometer is filled with distilled water. Colour tablets (food colouring) in different shades included.


  • Based on an idea by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Indicates quickly and accurately any variation in air pressure
  • All accessories to colour the liquid included
  • Symbol sun/clouds

Technical data

Delivery contentsWeather Ball,nInstruction manual,ncolour tablets
Dimensions(L) 120 x (B) 104 x (H) 180 mm