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Cylinder Sundial SOLEMIO


  • Novel, extraordinary sundial
  • Based on the principle of refraction
  • Fascinating method for determining the time
  • Reading of the sun direction and solar time

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Product specification

For thousands of years people have been trying to use astronomical instruments to determine the time of day through the sun’s position in the sky. Even today, in the age of atomic clocks, sundials with their natural functional principle are a special fascination for us.
"SOLEMIO" is a novel, extraordinary sundial based on the principle of refraction.
Like a lens, the body collects the light in a focal spot that travels across the cylinder during the day.
With the help of the printed solar paths, the time can be read with correct orientation of the sundial – and with a little practice, even the date, the the sun’s position and the direction of the compass.


  • For Germany only
  • Based on light refraction, focal spot moves over the cylinder during the course of the day
  • With the aid of the printed on paths of the sun, it is amazingly simple to read the time, date, position of the sun, sunrise/sunset and points of the compass
  • Solid acrylic
  • In high-quality gift box
  • Registered proprietor: Dr. E. Kretschmann, Dr. P. Zacharias

Product information for download:

Technical data

Delivery contentsSundial, instruction manual
Dimensions(L) 40 x (B) 40 x (H) 53 mm
Diameter workØ 40 mm
Weight78 g

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