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Did you know that next Sunday is the Christmas card day?

Probably not. But writing Christmas cards is a beautiful tradition that originated in England in the mid-19th century. In Germany, the so-called wish sheets were distributed until the First World War, and they were only replaced by the Christmas card in the 1920s.

Abbildung TFA Weihnachtskarte 2018 mit Wanduhr Contour Christbaumkugel gezeichnet

How do you usually send your Christmas greetings?

This year, we are sending you our Christmas wishes with an electronic Christmas card, illustrated with our CONTOUR wall clock. Mosru Mohiuddin designed the wall clock exclusively for TFA. With this stunning home accessory, you will score points with everyone who enjoys designer pieces under the Christmas tree.

What do you wish for Christmas?

The Christmas season always invites you to give generously exciting gifts and to wish for something special for yourself too. It is also the time for the New Year’s resolution. Two classic New Year’s resolutions are: to do more sports and to have a healthier diet.

We give you two great tips with which you can at the same time

  • Place great technology gifts under the Christmas tree,
  • and at the same time help friends and loved ones to implement and to stick to their New Year’s resolution!
Weather station coloris with further information from TFA Dostmann

Gift idea: TFA weather stations help you to plan outdoor activities

Jogging and walking are popular recreational sports that we enjoy doing while exploring the nature around us. Regardless of time and weather, you can always start training. The weather station COLORIS, for example, can help you with this. Already at breakfast, you will find out whether rainproof clothing is needed or when the best weather is to be expected.

The weather station COLORIS is also a visual eye-catcher: the automatic colour change, the display changes in 600 sensational colour hues! Or you can choose your favourite colour to match the interior décor.

Sousmatic Garer von TFA Dostmann steht in einem Topf, darin liegt ein eingeschweißtes Stück Fleisch. Im Hintergrund sieht man ein gegartes Steak und das Logo von Sousmatic.

Gift idea: our SOUSMATIC sous-vide cookers help you to cook healthy and tasty food

Lots of exercise and fresh air support the body’s defenses. Our immune system is even more pleased if it is also supported with a balanced diet. Eating healthily is a great way to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy body.

Gentle and tasty cooked food will make your body and soul happy. With the sous vide cooking method, you cook vegetables and meat low-fat at low temperatures. The compact sous-vide cooker SOUSMATIC EDITION is also a valuable present for those who enjoy haute cuisine. Celebrity chefs like to use this method of cooking, as this allows the precise cooking point to be reached, et voilà! Easy to use and easy to store – the sous-vide cooker complements the kitchen. It is also ideal for cooking the Christmas dinner!

Weihnachtsgeschenke und Tannenzweig im Hintergrund. Im Vordergrund ist Funk-Uhr BIM BAM von TFA Dostmann

Christmas wishes and New Year’s resolution from TFA

At TFA, there are still plenty of great gift ideas to choose from. Take time to browse through our new website which was relaunched this summer. Our wish is it to carry on providing you with comprehensive and reliable products and services using state-of-the-art technology and modern design.

As for 2019, we still have many ideas that we would like to implement. As a newsletter reader, you are among the first ones to be informed about the news.

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

TFA Dostmann

Your weather expert from the Tauber Valley

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